About Us

T-BOT Ecosystem provides you with multiple investment opportunities with a facility to buy day to day required things. Using TBT, one of the most trusted Cryptocurrencies, anyone can invest and get output from the trading bot. Later one can withdraw or use the output to buy day to day requirements or some other assets. Quite understandably, the power of TBT is sure to amaze the users for its ability to bring long term advantages.

How TBOT Is Different From Other Crypto Currency ?


Incentivized trade

You can trade on TBot crypto-currency exchange with zero fee.


Fast Liquidity

TBT coin can be exchanged easily for USDT/BTC on major crypto exchanges. TBT is actively being traded on HitBtc, Etherdelta and will soon be listed on other top exchanges.



Open Sources Smart Contract (ERC 20) and fully auditable transactions


Easy access

Online and mobile wallets


Faster and cheaper

Faster and cheaper T-BOT transfers through proxy state channels.


Promotion acceptability

Promoted acceptability across ecommerce merchants like - Amazon, e….others

What Is TBOT?

  • Trade Asset - arbitration tool
  • Fast moving Wallet currency
  • Investment instrument
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