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What is T-BOT

Base Currency - T-BOT enables complete financial management at institutional and individual level by facilitating multiple strategic goals like investments, financial management, operational and personal purchase financing and fund wallet.

Trade Exchange - arbitration tool 1.Trade across crypto exchanges for varied price differentials to generate revenue on same coin.

Integrated Payments Unified Payment solution for multiple channels like ecommerce, service providers, consumers etc.

Rich T-Bot Wallet Convenient and Complete wallet solution for all T-BOT services.

Why should you own


T-BOT is being promoted by the developers as an investment asset and a service platform. Specialized crypto trading combined with powerful payment channel integration, all available on a rich wallet system makes it a convenient tool for all types of transactions. Wide adoption strategies make it promising investment asset that is expected to see a well-defined rise in valuation. The incentive-based trading, easy liquidity, and acceptance through partnerships with merchants are some of the direct promotional strategies to enhance adoption. Based on your specific usage pattern, T-BOT ownership is a winning proposition all around.

Our business suite

at a glance

TBOT dedicates its services in the interests of the users. The company introduces some great products/facilities that the users of
Cryptocurrency can use to ease their deals across all exchanges reducing the risk factors of all types. They can get maximum returns
to achieve their business targets too.

01 - Rich T-Bot wallet

Rich T-Bot wallet

Dedicated easy to use online and mobile wallet - integrated with trade UX/Select E-commerce storefronts/External Trade interfaces.

  • 01

    Secure Managed Credentials

  • 02

    Convenient Buy/Sell/trade/encash

  • 03

    WAI accessibility (Disabled User-friendly)

Download WalletApps

  • Coming Soon

02 - Trade Solutions


State of the art trade facilities with latest trading techniques like state channels on homogenous coins (ERC 20) for speed and transparency and trusted interfaces for heterogenous coins. Completely auditable record keeping with compliance and contractual transparency

  • 01

    T-BOT as convenient base currency

  • 02

    Seamless and free BTC convertibility

  • 03

    Custom wallet views for mobility trades

  • 04

    Special section for Arbitrage trades


Play on price differentials - ability to earn profits by leveraging price differential between two trading platforms. Essential to the ability to arbiter between two platforms is the linkage to trade in a single fund/currency on both of them.

  • 01

    Wide exchange support

  • 02

    instant Notifications on price difference

  • 03

    Near Atomic trade

  • 04

    Linked to Bot configuration


Advanced automated trade with latest trade strategy corresponding to various investor scales and investor risk appetites. A combination of classic arbitrage and established trade algorithms with safe trade limits and auditable trails.

  • 01

    Controlled High frequency trades possible

  • 02

    Factored financial and time constraints

  • 03

    Easily definable stop losses and price targets translated to crypto trade

  • 04

    Mock trading on testNet

03 - Payments


We are partnering with e-commerce giants like eBay/Amazon/Flipkart etc. to enable T-BOT as a payment mode for e-commerce transactions. The most popular e-commerce storefronts will deep link into the T-BOT wallet to provide for a seamless purchasing experience for T-BOT users.


All service providers across the world who depend on fast and convenient payment channels to sell their services lose a big chunk of their revenues to intermediaries like Paypal, Wire remittance banking systems etc. T-BOT with its state channels enabled with solutions like Microraiden (μRaiden) will provide fast and free means to accept automated payments across the globe.

  • 01

    Direct debit on purchase (no Fiat currency)

  • 02

    All storefront deals applicable

  • 03

    Both Mobile and Online UX

  • 04

    Comparative price view on catalogues

04 - Future Innovations

Transaction Fee payment (ERC 865)

The initiative to make tokens a means to pay for transactions. T-BOT developers are keen to make T-BOT a utility token for a wide array of services. ERC 865 as a proposal to enable token based blockchain transaction fee payment is an ideal use case for T-BOT as a value-added service.

Coming soon...


A very promising initiative by the ethereum foundation proposes to enable smart contract based blockchain forks. This system can enable organization based blockchains which are still linked to public blockchain for trusted transactions. T-BOT ecosystem aims to use this proposition to enable organizational use T-BOT as an internal asset for organizational workflows.

Coming soon...

Putting the World’s Money into Perspective

About T-Bot

T-BOT Ecosystem provides you with multi-investment opportunities with a facility to buy day-to- day required things. Using TBT, one of the most trusted Cryptocurrencies, anyone can invest and get output from the trading bot. Later one can withdraw or use the output to buy day-to- day requirements or some other assets. Quite understandably, the power of TBT is sure to amaze the users for its ability to bring long-term advantages.